Aketatsu no o (曙立王)

Aketatsu no o was a member of the Imperial family, who appeared in "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters). He was a son of Omata no miko and a brother of Unakami no o. He was a grandson of Hikoimasu no miko, who was the Imperial Prince of Emperor Kaika, and he was also the ancestor of such local families in Ise Province as Honjibe (a unit of people in charge of the affaires related to Emperor Suinin's son, Homutsuwake no mikoto) and Sana no miyatsuko (local lord of Sana). Sana-jinja Shrine, which is a Shikinai-sha (shrine listed in the Engishiki code) and located in Taki-machi, Taki-gun, Mie Prefecture, enshrines Amenotajikarao-no-kami and Aketatsu no o.

According to the Kojiki, when Homutsuwake no mikoto, who had speech impairment, left for Izumo Province for his new appointment, a divination recommended that he should take Aketatsu no o as an attendant, and when Aketatsu no o practiced ukei (pledge), a dead egret resuscitated and a dead tree recovered. Therefore, Emperor Suinin gave him the name of Yamatoshi-kinotomino-toyoasakura no Aketatsu no miko, and dispatched him to Izumo with a new attendant Unakami no o in addition to Akatatsu no o.

According to a theory, Aketatsu no o appears in the legend of the speech impaired Imperial Prince in the Kojiki because the episode associated with the legend was created and handed down by the Sana no miyatsuko in Ise Province. Sana area in Ise Province has been known as a production area of mercury since ancient times. Kiichiro OBATA argues that, in ancient times, Sana no miyatsuko was the family in charge of mining mercury in this area, and vaporized mercury caused throat disorders among the people due to long-time aspiration of the material; and this job-related disease, as a result, came to connect the legendary Homutsuwake no mikoto with the tale of their ancestor Aketatsu no o.

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