Amatoyotsuhime no mikoto (天豊津媛命)

Amatoyotsuhime no mikoto was the Empress of Emperor Itoku, one of the eight emperors living during the Kesshi-Hachidai (Eight Undocumented Sovereigns). She was the real mother of Emperor Kosho and Takeishihikokushitomose.

She was an empress in the main text of "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), and a daughter of Ikisomimi no mikoto.

However, the Empress that appears in "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters) is Futomawakahime (飯日比売Iihihime), who was an ancestor of Shiki no agatanonushi, while the frist addendum to the Nihonshoki mentions the Empress is Izumihime, a daughter of Inode (猪手), who was a younger brother of Shiki no agatanonushi Hae, and the second addendum describes the Empress as Iihihime, who was a daughter of Shiki no agatanushi Futomawakahiko.

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