Cloistered Imperial Prince Chokaku (澄覚法親王)

Cloistered Imperial Prince Chokaku (1219 - 1289) was a chief priest of Sanzen-in Temple of the Tendai sect during the Kamakura Period. His father was Emperor Gotoba's Imperial Prince Masanari. His mother was a daughter of FUJIWARA no Chikatsune. His bogo (popular name) was Enyubo.

He entered Mt. Hiei to learn from Kajii monseki priest - Imperial Prince Sonkai and experienced Kanjo (a ceremony to become a formal successor) with Shinsen Sojo (真仙僧正) (the highest rank of monks.)
In 1265 he was appointed as the head priest of the Tendai sect of Buddhism and became Gojiso (a priest who was responsible to protect the Emperor) for Emperor Kameyama (a great grand son of Emperor Gotoba.)
Afterward, he resigned from the post, but was again appointed as Gojiso in 1271, and conducted an invocation for Ikoku Kobuku (to protect and suppress a foreign country using the power of God or Buddha) in the middle of increasingly intense crisis of the Mongolian Expeditions against Japan.

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