Emperor Chukyo (仲恭天皇)

Emperor Chukyo (October 30, 1218 -June 18, 1234) was the eighty fifth Emperor during the Kamakura period. (his reign was from May 13, 1221 to July 29, 1221.)
His posthumous name was Kanenari.


He was the first Prince of Emperor Juntoku. His mother was Yoshitsune KUJO's daughter, Higashi Ichijoin Risshi KUJO.

Brief Personal History

He succeeded to the throne in 1221 for Emperor Juntoku to prepare for the Jokyu Disturbance. In the same year, his grandfather, Emperoro Gotoba caused the Jokyu Battle, however his forces were beaten by the government forces led by Yasutoki HOJO. Emperor Gotoba and Emperor Juntoku were banished to Oki and Sado Provinces. (Although Emperor Tsuchimikado was not involved in the incident and was not punished, since his father, the Retired Emperor Gotoba and his brother, the Retired Emperor Juntoku were both sentenced to banishment, he thought it was not fare for him to remain in Kyoto, he insisted on being banished to Sado Province and then to Awa Province. His banishment was organized according to his wishes, he was in fact treated well in Awa. Due to this incident the Emperor lost his position, the Imperial throne was passed to Gotakakurain's Prince, the Emperor Gohorikawa. Soon after that, the Emperor went to the regent, Michie KUJO's house where his mother was born, and died when he was seventeen years old in 1234.

Posthumous name, Tsuigo, different name

He abdicated only eighty one days after the Jokyu Disturbance and his enthronement was not officially recognized, thus he did not have any posthumous name or Tuigo, he used to be called the deposed Emperor KUJO, Hantei and Kohaitei. The period of his reign was the shortest of successive Emperors.

In 1870 he was recognized as Emperor and was given the Tsuigo of Emperor Chukyo.

Eras during his reign

Jokyu (April 20, 1221) - (July 9, 1221)

The Imperial Mausoleum

He was entombed in Kujo no Misasagi in Honjiyama-cho, Fukakusa, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City.

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