Emperor Go-Suzaku (後朱雀天皇)

Emperor Go-Suzaku (December 14, 1009 - February 7, 1045), the sixty-ninth Emperor, reigned in the middle Heian period (from 1036 to 1045). His posthumous name was Atsunaga.


He was the third prince of Emperor Ichijo. His mother was FUJIWARA no Shoshi, the daughter of FUJIWARA no Michinaga, the second consort of an Emperor. He was the younger brother of Emperor Go-Ichijo, who was the heir apparent.

Brief Personal History

After Emperor Go-Ichijo succeeded to the throne in 1017, Prince Atsuakira declined to become the crown prince, so the future Emperor Go-Suzaku became the crown prince instead. In 1021 FUJIWARA no Kishi, Michinaga's sixth daughter and the Emperor's aunt, had an official ceremony to enter the Imperial Palace as the Empress of the crown prince, and she gave birth to the long-awaited first prince, Chikahito (Emperor Go-Reizei) in 1025; however, Kishi was not well after the birth of the prince and died suddenly two days later. After that, Michinaga's grandchild and the Emperor's cousin, Princess Teishi, made an imperial consort's bridal entry into court as the Empress of the crown prince, and she had the second prince, Takahito (Emperor Go-Sanjo) as well as two other daughters; on the contrary, his brother Emperor Go-Ichijo died without any children, and consequently the Emperor Go-Suzaku succeeded to the throne.

After his enthronement, the chancellor (chief advisor to the Emperor), FUJIWARA no Yorimichi, organized his adopted daughter, FUJIWARA no Genshi, an imperial consort's bridal entry into the court as a second consort of the Emperor; also, Yorimichi's brother FUJIWARA no Norimichi organized the same for his daughter Seishi, and FUJIWARA no Yorimune did the same for his daughter Enshi, all of which was done in quick succession, but none of them had an opportunity to have a prince. During this time, Empress Teishi and her prince, Takahito, were treated coldly by the chancellors (chief advisors to the emperor), and it is said that after Emperor Go-Suzaku decided to abdicate due to his illness when he was staying in the temporary palace of Higashi Sanjo dono, FUJIWARA no Yoshinobu, who supported the Empress, helped set up Prince Takahito as the next Crown Prince according to the will of Emperor Go-Suzaku. Emperor Go-Suzaku abdicated the throne on February 5, 1045. Two days later, he became a priest and died on that day. He was 37 years old.

Eras during his reign

Chogen (1028 - 1036)

Choryaku (1037 - 1039)

Chokyu (1040 - 1044)

Kantoku (1044 -1046)

The Imperial Mausoleum

It is located at Shuyama, Ryoan-ji, in the Ukyo Ward of Kyoto City. It is called Enjo-ji no Misasabi.

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