Emperor Gofushimi (後伏見天皇)

Emperor Gofushimi (April 5, 1288 - May 17, 1336) was the ninety third Emperor during the Kamakura period (his reign was from August 30, 1298 to March 2, 1301). His posthumous name was Tanehito.


He was the first Prince of Emperor Fushimi. His mother was the Councilor of State, lieutenant general of Imperial Guard of the left, Tsuneuji ITSUTSUJI's daughter, FUJIWARA no Keishi.
The Jimyo-in Imperial line

Brief Personal History
1289: He became Crown Prince.

1298: He succeeded to the throne after Emperor Fushimi passed the throne to him. Emperor Fushimi ruled the cloistered government.

1301: The Daikaku-ji Imperial line recovered political power and Emperor Gonijo succeeded to the throne.

1308: After his brother, Emperor Hanazono was enthroned, since Retired Emperor Fushimi suspended ruling the cloistered government for a while, Emperor Gofushimi took it over and he ruled the cloistered government from 1313 to 1318.

During Emperor Hanazono's reign, he negotiated with the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a Shogun) and tried to establish an agreement to send a successor to the Imperial throne from either party, the Jimyo-in Imperial line or the Daikaku-ji Imperial line (Bunpo no go-wadan (negotiation for reconciliation)), however it was not realized. (Please refer to the Ryoto Tetsuritsu section.)

1318: After Emperor Godaigo succeeded to the throne, the Emperor Gofushimi continued to rule directly, he tried to overthrow the government in 1331and he was prevented. The government appointed the Retired Emperor's Prince, Emperor Kogon, to continue ruling the cloistered government.

"1333: Takauji ASHIKAGA responded to Emperor Godaigo's call to arms and overthrew the Kamakura bakufu, the cloistered government was suspended after Emperor Kogon abdicated, and Emperor Gofushimi became a priest.

1336: He died.

Eras during his reign

Einin (July 22, 1298) - April 25, 1299
Shoan April 25, 1299 - (January 21, 1301)

The Imperial mausoleum

The Emperor was entombed in Fukakusa no Kita no Misasagi in Fukakusa Bo-cho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City.

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