Emperor Gohorikawa (後堀河天皇)

Emperor Gohorikawa (March 22, 1212 - August 31, 1234) was the eighty sixth Emperor during the Kamakura period (his reign was from July 29, 1221 to November 17, 1232). His posthumous name was Toyohito.


He was the third Prince of Emperor Takakura's second Prince, Imperial Prince Morisada (Gotakakura in). His mother was Motoie JIMYOIN's daughter, Kita-Shirakawain, FUJIWARA no Nobuko (Chinshi).

Brief Personal History

Due to the Jokyu Battle in 1221, after the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) getting rid of all the descendants of Emperor Gotoba, they forced Emperor Chukyo to abdicate and appointed Emperor Gohorikawa who was the grandchild of Emperor Takakura, and retired Emperor Antoku's brother's child, after the Genpei War; the Taira-Minamoto War; the Battle between the Minamoto and the Heike clans.

Since Emperor Gohorikawa was ten years old at that time, his father, Imperial Prince Morisada (Gyoji) ruled the cloistered government as Gotakakurain. This post-cleanup after the Jokyu Disturbance was the major issue during this period.

In 1232, he passed the throne to Emperor Shijo who was only two years old, so that he could start to rule the cloistered government. However he was, fundamentally speaking, weak, he died when he was twenty three years old in 1234, just two years after the cloistered government started. He died not long after the death of the second consort of the Emperor, Sonshi, there were rumors that his death was from a curse of monks who were promised, by the Emperor, to be given the head priest position of the Tendai sect of Buddhism which came to nothing, or that it was due to the supernatural power of the Cloistered Emperor Gotoba gained from a pious life.

Eras during his reign

Jokyu (July 9, 1221) - April 13, 1222
Joo April 13, 1222 - November 20, 1224
Gennin November 20, 1224 - April 20, 1225
Karoku April 20, 1225 - December 10, 1227
Antei December 10, 1227 - March 5, 1229
Kangi March 5, 1229 - April 2, 1232
Joei April 2, 1232 - (October 4, 1232)

The Imperial Mausoleum

The Emperor was entombed in Kanonji no Misasagi in Senzan-cho, Imagumano, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City.

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