Emperor Goreizei (後冷泉天皇)

Emperor Goreizei (August 28, 1025 - May 22, 1068) was the seventieth Japanese Emperor (his reign was from 1045 to 1068). His father was Emperor Gosuzaku. His mother was FUJIWARA no Michinaga's daughter, FUJIWAEA no Kishi. His posthumous name was Chikahito. His educator was Murasaki Shikibu's daughter, Daini no Sanmi.

Brief Personal History

He was born on August 3, 1025. His birth mother, Princess (of the Crown Prince) Kishi, died suddenly two days after Emperor Goreizei was born.

On February 22, 1036, the Emperor was ordered to become a prince.

In 1037

On July 2, 1037 the Emperor had a coming-of-age ceremony and was given the title of Sanbon, the third rank of prince.

He became the crown prince on August 17.

The Emperor succeeded to the throne on April 8, 1045.

He died on April 19, 1068 while he was still in power. He was 44 years old.

His Empress was FUMIWARA no Yorimichi's daughter, FUJIWARA no Kanshi, but the Emperor died without having any children with her. Thus, after his death, his younger half-brother Emperor Gosanjo succeeded to the throne, who had no maternal relationship to the Fujiwara clan.

Empresses, Princes and Princesses

There was only one example of having Sango heiritsu (having three Empresses at the same time) during the Emperor Goreizei's reign. Emperor Goreizei was the only Emperor having three Empresses at the same time, although later on Emperor Toba, Emperor Nijo and Emperor Gohorikawa had three Empresses, including the second consort of the Emperor.

First, Shoshi officially became an Empress followed by Kanshi, and in the natural manner Shoshi would have become the Empress and Kanshi being the second consort of the Emperor; however, due to Shoshi's request Kanshi became the Empress and Shoshi was kept as the second consort of the Emperor. Subsequently, before the Emperor died Kanshi officially became the third Empress, and on this occasion, second consort of the Emperor, Shoshi, became the Empress Dowager and the Empress Kanshi became the second consort of the Emperor, and the last Kanshi became the Empress. It is considered that this was decided in order by which the three Empresses made their Imperial consort's bridal entries into the court.

The second consort of the Emperor: Princess Shoshi (1026 - 1105) - Emperor Go-Ichijo's first princess

Empress: FUJIWARA no Kanshi (1036 - 1127) - The chancellor (chief advisor to the emperor), FUJIWARA no Yorimichi's eldest daughter

Empress: FUJIWARA no Kanshi (1021 - 1102) - The chancellor (chief advisor to the emperor), FUJIWARA no Norimichi's second daughter

Princes (1049, died the same day)

Eras during his reign

Kantoku (1044 - 1046)

Eisho (1046 - 1053)

Tengi (1053 - 1058)

Kohei (1058 - 1065)

Jiryaku (1065 - 1069)

The Imperial Mausoleum

It is located at Shuyama, Ryoanji, in the Ukyo Ward of Kyoto City. The Emperor was entombed in Enkyoji no misasagi.

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