Emperor Hanazono (花園天皇)

Emperor Hanazono (August 14, 1297 - December 2, 1348) was the ninety fifth Emperor during the Kamakura period. (his reign was from December 2, 1308 to March 29, 1318.)
His posthumous name was Tomihito.


He was the fourth Prince of Emperor Fushimi. His mother was the Sadaijin (Minister of the Left), Saneo TOIN's daughter, Kenshinmon in FUJIWARA no Kishi.
The Jimyo-in Imperial line

Brief Personal History
In 1308, he succeeded to the throne when he was twelve years old after Emperor Gonijo from the Daikaku-ji Imperial line died.

He passed the throne to Emperor Godaigo of the Daikaku-ji Imperial line in 1318.

The cloistered government was ruled by his father, Emperor Fushimi in the first half of his reign, and by Emperor Gofushimi in the latter half of the reign.

After he abdicated from the throne, he looked after Emperor Kogon, he wrote a famous book called Kai Taishi sho in 1330 to admonish Emperor Kogon while he was Crown Prince, which predicted the coming upheaval period. He became strong believer of the Zen sect, he became a priest in 1335. He died in 1348.

He was a talented poet and one of the important members of the Kyogoku Group, he supervised the compilation of the Fuga Waka Shu (Collection of Japanese Poetry of Elegance). He also wrote his diary called "The diary of the Emperor Hanazono" (Shinki), and he often practiced sutra-chanting and Buddhist invocation, it is said he was well acquainted with the literature and was a religious person.

Posthumous name, Tsuigo, different name

He was called 'the Cloistered Emperor Hagiwara' while he was in power and was given Tsuigo of Hanazono in after he died, named after the Sento Palace (the retired emperor's palace) of Hagiwara dono in Rakusei Hanazono.

Eras during his reig

Enkyo (November 16, 1308) - April 28, 1311

Ocho April 28, 1311 - March 20, 1312

Showa March 20, 1312 - February 3, 1317

Bunpo February 3, 1317 - (February 26, 1318)

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