Konoe Emperor (近衛天皇)

Emperor Konoe (June 16, 1139 - August 22, 1155) was the seventy-sixth Japanese Emperor (his reign was from January 5, 1142 to August 22, 1155). His posthumous name was Narihito.


He was the ninth prince of Emperor Toba. His mother was FUJIWARA no Tokushi, of the FUJIWARA clan.

Brief Personal History

Since his birth mother, FUJIWARA no Tokushi, was Emperor Toba's favorite lady, Emperor Konoe succeeded to the throne after Emperor Sutoku, when he was two years old. While he was in power, Emperor Toba ruled the cloister government. Because the Emperor died young, he did not have any children, and the Hogen War occurred in the result of fighting for Imperial succession between Emperor Toba and Emperor Sutoku.

Eras during his reign

Eiji (December 7, 1141) - April 28, 1142

Koji April 28, 1142 - February 23, 1144

Tenyo February 23, 1144 - July 22, 1145

Kyuan July 22, 1145 - January 26, 1151

Ninpei January 26, 1151 - October 28, 1154

Kyuju October 28, 1154 - (July 23, 1156)

Imperial mausoleum

The Emperor was entombed in Anrakujuin no minami no misasagi, Uchihata-cho Town, Takeda, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City.

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