Emperor Kokoku (興国天皇)

Emperor Kokoku (September 1328 - March 1397) was an ancestor of Yoshimasa MIURA, who advocated the Legitimate Succession of the Southern Court after World War II, and was the second Emperor of the MIURA Imperial Line. His imina (personal name) was Morinaga. His father was Emperor Higashiyama (Imperial Prince Takayoshi, or Takanaga), the first Emperor of the MIURA Imperial Line, and his mother was a daughter of Udaijin (Minister of the Right) Kinaki SAIONJI, 藤原清子, or Mikushigedono. He was an adopted child of Emperor Godaigo (Sanshu Gokeizu (pedigree chart)), and was the seventh prince.

He lost his parents when he was little in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan), but in 1346, being enthroned by Yoshisada NITTA, Yoshisuke WAKIYA and others, commanded the country using the name of the era of Hakushika, and became the Emperor in the Hokuriku Imperial Court (Tokue monjo, documents of Tokue). Because Emperor Gomurakami (Noriyoshi) of the Yoshino Court stood up in front to distract samurai families, Emperor Kokoku (Morinaga) hid his position as the Emperor and fought in various places in the eastern side of Japan as Imperial Prince Morinaga.

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