Emperor Komyo (光明天皇)

Emperor Komyo (January 11, 1322 - July 26, 1380) his reign was from September 20, 1336 to November 18, 1348, he was the second Emperor of the Northern Court during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. His posthumous name was Yutahito.

In 1911 it was decided to use Southern Court as the standard era, the Emperor was excluded from successive emperors. (Ever since the Northern court era was considered as the standard era that leads to the current Imperial lineage.)


He was the second Prince of Emperor Gofushimi. His Mother was Kinhira SAIONJI's daughter, Neishi (Yasuko) SAIONJI.

Brief Personal History

Takauji ASIKAGA, who broke away from the Kenmu Restoration under Emperor Godaigo, won the Battle of Minatogawa and entered Kyoto in 1336, Emperor Godaigo escaped to Mt. Hiei's Enryaku-ji Temple at this time. Imperial Prince Yutahito succeeded to the throne instead of Emperor Godaigo, although he did not have the three sacred emblems of the Imperial Family, after receiving a command from ex-Emperor Kogon and became Emperor Komyo on August 15, and this was the beginning of the Northern Court. Emperor Godaigo escaped to Yoshino on December 21, then established the Southern Court, this was the beginning of the Southern Court.

It was not an absolute condition to have the three sacred emblems of the Imperial Family for Imperial succession at that time, enthronement followed the example of Emperor Gotoba's enthronement after receiving a command from ex-Emperor Goshirakawa, without having the three sacred emblems of the Imperial Family.

The Emperor's brother, retired Emperor Kogon ruled the cloister government at that time, his first Prince succeeded to the throne as Emperor Suko on October 27, 1348. While he acted as retired Emperor, during the Kanno Disturbance when the ASHIKAGA clan's internal struggle was raging in 1352, he and retired Emperor Kogon were captured by the Southern Court as Emperor Gomurakami's army chased Yoshiakira ASHIKAGA in Kyoto and recaptured the city. The Emperor was placed under house arrest at Ano in Yamato Province (currently known as Gojo City, Nara Prefecture) by the Southern Court after the unification of the Imperial line in the Shohei era.

It is said he returned to Kyoto in 1355 then shaved his head to became a priest. He died on June 24, 1380.

Eras during his reign.

Kenmu (August 15, 1336) - August 28, 1338

Ryakuo August 28, 1338 - April 27, 1342

Koei April 27, 1342 - October 21, 1345

Jowa October 21, 1345 - (October 27, 1348)

The Imperial mausoleum

The Emperor was entombed in Daikomyo-ji no Misasagi at Taichoro, Momoyama-cho Town, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City.

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