Emperor Momozono (桃園天皇)

Emperor Momozono (April 14, 1741 - August 31, 1762) was the hundred sixteenth Emperor during the Edo period. (his reign was from June 9, 1747 to August 31, 1762.)
His name from childhood was Yaho no Miya or Sachi no Miya, his posthumous name was Tohito.


He was the first Prince of Emperor Sakuramachi, his birth mother was Gon Dainagon (Chief councilor of state), Sanetake Anegakoji's daughter, FUJIWARA no Sadako (Kaimeimon in) of Sakuramachi Naishi no suke. The Emperor was brought up as Ieko NIJO (Seikimon in) 's own child, his father's lawful wife, in her Palace.

Brief Personal History

In 1747 he became Crown Prince and succeeded to the throne after his father, Emperor Sakuramachi passed the throne to him in the same year.

The Horei Incident happened in 1758 during his reign, many young Court nobles of the Imperial Palace who were imperialist, were punished by the government.

He died when he was twenty two years old in 1762.

Eras during his reign

Enkyo (February 21, 1744) - July 12, 1748

Kanen July 12, 1748 - October 27, 1751

Horyaku (Horeki) October 27, 1751 - (June 2, 1764)

The Imperial Mausoleum

The Emperor was entombed in Tsuki no Wa no Misasagi at Senzan-cho, Imagumano, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City.

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