Emperor Nan (南天皇)

Emperor Nan (year of birth unknown-January 24, 1459) was an emperor of the Gonan-cho Dynasty.

According to "Nanzan Giretsushi" (a book on history), he was given the tsuigo (title given to a noble or high priest after death in honor of his or her accomplishments) of Kombu-in and his imina (actual name of a person during his or her life) was Songa; he was the fourth prince of Oguranomiya Imperial Prince Sanehito.

When the Choroku Conspiracy took place, he recaptured Yasakani no magatama (comma-shaped jewel) and presented it to the emperor at Okuyoshino Totsukawa River.

However, in September of 1458, he was once again attacked by surviving retainers of the Akamatsu clan such as Toyotomo KODERA and was seriously injured; it is said that while he was escaping under the guard of Moritaka YOKOYA, who was the head of the Nonagase clan, he passed away on October 25, 1457 at Kofuku-ji Temple of Kaminoyamamura in Muro District, Kii Province (present-day Kumano City in Mie Prefecture). The tablet with his posthumous name on it, which is stored in the same temple reads: "In honor of Emperor Nan of the Kofuku Palace".

However, the above legends appear in historical materials of the Edo period for the first time; since they do not conform to the materials of the time during which he lived, these legends are not ture to facts.

Hiromichi KUMAZAWA called himself a descendant of this emperor.

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