Emperor Suko (崇光天皇)

Emperor Suko (May 25, 1334 - January 31, 1398), his reign was from November 18, 1348 to November 26, 1351, he was the third Emperor of the Northern Court during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. His initial posthumous name was Masuhito, later named Okihito.

He was excluded from the successive Emperors since the Southern Court was considered as the standard era in 1911. (Until then the Northern Court, that leads to the current Imperial line, was considered as standard era.)


He was the first Prince of Emperor Kogon.
His mother was Yorokumon-in. (Nai-daijin (one of the position which was not included in the regulation (Ryoge no kan)), Kunhide OGIMACHI's daughter, Hideko)

Brief Personal History
He became Crown Prince in 1348. On October 27 in the same year, he succeeded to the throne after Emperor Komyo passed the throne to him. During that time, while retired Emperor Kogon ruled the cloister government, the Kanno Disturbance occurred due to internal struggling within the ASHIKAGA clan, after Takauji's decision to pay allegiance to the Southern Court, unification of the Imperial lineage in the Shohei era was concluded in 1351, and the Emperor and Crown Prince, Imperial Prince Naohito (Emperor Hanazono's Prince) lost their positions on November 7.

In February 1352, the Southern Court invaded Kyoto to temporarily pursue Yoshiakira ASHIKAGA, the Emperor was taken away with retired Emperor Kogon, retired Emperor Komyo and Imperial Prince Naohito, to Ano, and were held in confinement. In the Northern Court, since the Emperor was removed from the Southern Court, Imperial Prince Iyahito, the third Prince of the Kogon-in and Emperor Suko's younger brother, was enthroned as Emperor Gokogen.

The Emperor was in durance for two years while in Ano, three years in Kawachi Kongo-ji Temple, when the Southern Courts became weak and concluded peace together, he went back to Kyoto with the Kogon-in and Imperial Prince Naohito in 1357. Emperor Suko wanted his son, Imperial Prince Yoshihito (Fushimi no miya I) to become Crown Prince, a problem arose as to who would become the successor of the Imperial throne when Emperor Gokogon approached the government in August 1370 to request that his son, Imperial Prince Ohito (Emperor Goenyu) become Crown Prince, in the end, Ohito became the Crown Prince.

He died on January 13, 1398 at sixty five years

In 1428, thirty years after the Emperor's death, his great-grandchild, Prince Hikohito (the Emperor Gohanazono) succeeded to the throne as an adopted child of Emperor Gokomatsu.

Posthumous name, Tsuigo, different name

He was given the title of 'Suko-in' due to the posthumous name which was decided by the Emperor himself.

Eras during his reign.

Jowa (October 27, 1348) - February 27, 1350

Kanno February 27, 1350 - (November 7, 1351)

The Imperial mausoleum

The Emperor was entombed in Dai Komyo-ji no Misasagi at Taichoro, Momoyama-cho Town, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City.

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