Emperor Takakura (高倉天皇)

Emperor Takakura (September 23, 1161 - February 6 1181, his reign was from March 30, 1168 to March 18, 1180, cloister government was 1180), he was the eightieth Emperor. His first name was Norihito.


He was the seventh Prince of Emperor Goshirakawa. Hi mother was TAIRA no Shigeko, a half younger sister of TAIRA no Kiyomori's wife, TAIRA no Tokiko.
His Empress was TAIRA no Kiyomori's daughter, TAIRA no Tokuko. (later called Kenreimon-in)
He was the father of Emperor Antoku and Emperor Gotoba.

Brief Personal History

Emperor Takakura was TAIRA no Kiyomori's nephew in law, while TAIRA no Kiyomori had the control of the politics at that time, the Emperor Takakura was appointed to succeed to the throne after Emperor Rokujo (Emperor Nijo's child and Emperor Takakura's nephew) was forced to abdicate when he was three years old, who was set up to succeed to the throne after Emperor Nijo died by the retired Emperor Goshirakara in, since Goshirakawa was not able to rule his Cloister government due to Emperor Nijo's political pressure who opposed to Goshirakawa on political policy during that period. His father, Goshirakawa-in, ruled the cloister government and the throne was passed to Emperor Antoku, TAIRA no Kiyomori's grandchild. It is said the Emperor came under pressure from both Goshirakawa-in and the Taira clan, however according to recent studies, a theory developed that he had the intention to rule the government together with the Taira clan.

It is said he was a handsome and slender man.

Eras during his reign

Ninan (August 27, 1166) - April 8, 1169

Kao April 8, 1169 - April 21, 1171

Shoan April 21, 1171 - July 28, 1175

Angen July 28, 1175 - August 4, 1177

Jisho August 4, 1177 - (July 14, 1181)

The Imperial mausoleum

The Emperor was entombed in Nochi no Seikan-ji no Misasagi, Uta no Nakayama-cho Town, Seikan-ji, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City.

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