Fujiwara no Kinshi (藤原忻子)

FUJIWARA no Kinshi (also known as Yoshiko) (1134-September 19, 1209) was an empress during the end of the Heian period. She was a chugu (the second consort of an emperor) of the seventy seventh generation, Emperor Goshirakawa. Her father was Kinyoshi TOKUDAIJI, and her mother was FUJIWARA no Goshi. The empress of Emperor Konoe (later she became the empress of Emperor Nijo), FUJIWARA no Masaruko was her younger sister.

In 1155, she entered into court, and later became a Jushii (Junior Fourth Rank) nyogo (a high-ranking court lady (a consort of an emperor) when Emperor Goshirakawa ascended the throne. In 1156, she was formally installed as chugu. In 1158, her husband, Emperor Goshirakawa abdicated the throne. When Imperial Princess Shushi was formally installed as chugu of Emperor Nijo in 1159, she became a Kisai no miya (empress).
In 1172, she became Empress Dowager
In 1209, she passed away at the age of seventy six
According to "Imakagami" (The Mirror of the Present), she was beautiful; she got little affection from Emperor Goshirakawa, and had no children with him.

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