Fujiwara no Seishi (藤原せい子)

FUJIWARA no Seishi (also known as Sukeko, 972 - May 1, 1025) was the Empress of the sixty-seventh Emperor Sanjo during the middle of the Heian period. Her father was Zo (meaning the title was given after death) Udaijin (Minister of the Right) FUJIWARA no Naritoki, and her mother was the daughter of MINAMOTO no Nobumitsu.


She made judai (an Imperial Consort's bridal entry into court) as a Toguhi when Emperor Sanjo was still a Crown Prince, and called herself Senyoden no Nyogo. She was said to be beautiful and had a deep love for the Emperor, and gave birth to 4 sons and 2 daughters, starting with Imperial Prince Atsuakira (Koichijoin), Imperial Prince Atsunori, Imperial Prince Atsuhira, Imperial Prince Moroakira (priestly Imperial Prince Shoshin), Imperial Princess Toshi (Saigu - Imperial Princess appointed to serve the deities of the Ise-jingu Shrine), and Imperial Princess Teishi (wife of FUJIWARA no Norimichi). However, after the death of her father Naritoki, she had weak support, and since Sadaijin (Minister of the Left) FUJIWARA no Michinaga sent his daughter FUJIWARA no Kenshi into the inner palace and made her chugu (the second consort of an emperor), she was easily pushed aside by that power. Against this, Emperor Sanjo additionally gave the title of Udaijin to her father Naritoki, who had died as Dainagon (a chief councillor of state), and made Seishi the Empress, but on the day of the ceremony for becoming the Empress, Michinaga caused a disturbance and sadly the Court nobles who attended the ceremony, excluding her younger brother FUJIWARA no Michito, were only FUJIWARA no Sanesuke, FUJIWARA no Takaie, and FUJIWARA no Kanehira. Even though she was the Empress, she led an unfortunate life for example, her first son, Imperial Prince Atsuakira, became the Crown Prince of Emperor Goichijo after the abdication of the throne by Emperor Sanjo, but gave up the title of the Crown Prince by himself after the death of the Retired Emperor, and her first daughter Imperial Princess Toshi, the former Saigu (vestal virgin princess serving at Ise-jingu Shrine), committed an adultery with FUJIWARA no Michimasa.

In 991, she made a judai (an Imperial Consort's bridal entry into the court) to the Crown Prince, Imperial Prince Okisada (later Emperor Sanjo).

In 995, her father Naritoki died.

In 1011, by the accession to the throne by Emperor Sanjo, she was conferred as a Nyogo (consort of the Emperor).

In 1012

February: She was given the rank Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade).

April: She became Empress.

In 1016, Emperor Sanjo abdicated the Imperial Throne. Imperial Prince Atsuakira was formally installed as the Crown Prince.

In 1017, the Retired Emperor Sanjo died. In the same year, Imperial Prince Atsuakira resigned as the Crown Prince.

In 1018, she became a priest.

On May 1, 1025, she died. Died at the age of 54.

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