Fujiwara no Shokushi (藤原殖子)

FUJIWARA no Shokushi (Taneko) (1157 - October 22, 1228) was the Empress consort of Emperor Takakura. She was also called Shokushi BOMON. She was the real mother of Imperial Prince Morisada (Gotakakura-in) and Emperor Gotoba. Her father was Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) FUJIWARA no Nobutaka. Her mother was FUJIWARA no Kyushi, the daughter of Okura-kyo (the minister of treasury) FUJIWARA no Michifusa (Okura-kyo). Nobukiyo BOMON, who held the post of Naidaijin (Minister of the Center), was her younger maternal half-brother. Her Nyoin (a title given by the Imperial Court) was Shichijoin.

According to "Masukagami" (a history book compiled in the Kamakura period), she was initially called Hyoenokami no kimi and served for Chugu (an empress consort) TAIRA no Tokushi. She was called Tenji (lady-in waiting) by Emperor Takakura and she gave birth to the second prince, Imperial Prince Morisada (Gotakakura-in), and the fourth prince, Imperial Prince Takahira (Emperor Gotoba). Emperor Gotoba ascended the throne after Imperial Prince Morisada was brought to the western region by the Heike (Taira clan) when it escaped from the capital. She was conferred in 1190 the title of Jusanmi Jugo (honorable rank next to three empresses), and later she was further conferred the title of Nyoin without becoming an empress consort and was called Shichijo-in. She entered the Buddhist priesthood in 1205. She remained at Kyoto as the grandmother of the Emperor Gohorikawa (a prince of Imperial Prince Morisada) even after Gotobain and his four grandchildren (Emperor Gotsuchimikado, Emperor Juntoku, Imperial Prince Masanari and Imperial Prince Yorihito) were banished in the wake of the Jokyu War. She outlived Gotakakurain in her last years and died in 1228 at the age of 72 without meeting Gotobain again. Most of her estate (Shichijoin estate) was inherited by FUJIWARA no Jushi.

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