Fujiwara no Takaiko (藤原高子)

FUJIWARA no Takaiko (842 - April 18, 910) was the Nyogo (imperial consort) of Emperor Seiwa during the Heian period. Her father was FUJIWARA no Nagara (Nagayoshi). Her mother was zo shoichii (Senior First Rank, posthumously) Taifujin/Daibunin (a title of respect for an Emperor's mother), FUJIWARA no Otoharu. Her real elder brother was FUJIWARA no Mototsune. She was also called Nijo no Kisaki.

When Emperor Seiwa was Crown Prince, she might have been served at the Emperor's grandmother, Empress Dowager, FUJIWARA no Junshi's Palace. In 859, she acted as Gosechi no Maihime at the Daijo-sai festival (a festival to celebrate the succession of an emperor) when nine-year old Emperor Seiwa succeeded to the throne, and she was given Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). After two years of Emperor Seiwa's coming-of-age ceremony in 866, she made an Imperial Consort entry into court for the Emperor and became Nyogo when she was twenty five years old, then she gave birth to Imperial Prince Sadaaikira (later called Emperor Yozei). She became Kotaifujin (title for previous retired emperors' wife) in 877 and became Empress Dowager in 882. She was under suspicion of having an affair with zasu (temple's head priest), Zenyu of Toko-ji Temple which she ordered to be built during Emperor Uda's era and she lost her position as Empress Dowager in 896, however she took back her position again in 943.

It is said in the "Tale of Ise" and the "Tale of Yamato," that she had a love affair with ARIWARA no Narihira before she made an Imperial Consort entry into court.

She had three children with Emperor Seiwa, who were Emperor Yozei, Imperial Prince Sadayasu, and Imperial Princess Atsuko. There was one waka poem of hers in the "Kokin-wakashu" (Anthology of Japanese poems or waka, of the middle Heian period).

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