Funya no Kiyomi (文室浄三)

FUNYA no Kiyomi (693 - October 31, 770) was a member of the Imperial Family in the Nara period (Later demoted from nobility to subject.)
His father was Naga no miko who was the prince of the Emperor Tenmu. His original name was Chinuo. He has brothers including FUNYA no Ochi.

In 717, he was granted jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) and served at various posts including the Ministry of Making and Mending Palaces. In 752, he was granted the Funya clan and demoted to subject, and changed his name to Kiyomi around 761. He became a councilor in 757, and promoted to become the chief of controlling the officials (a chief councilor of state) in 762, after serving as a vice-councilor of state. He resigned the post in 764. After the Emperor Shotoku died in 770, he was recommended as the next emperor by KIBI no Makibi, but he refused it. Two months later, he also died. He died at the age of 78.

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