Furuhito no Oe no Miko (古人大兄皇子)

Furuhito no Oe no Miko (year of birth unknown - October 7, 645) was a member of the Imperial family in the Asuka period. He was the first prince of Emperor Jomei. His mother was a daughter of SOGA no Umako, SOGA no Hohote no Iratsume. He had a daughter, Yamatohime no Okimi, who became the empress of Emperor Tenchi. He is also called Furuhiko no Miko, Furuhito no Ochi no Miko and Yoshino no Hitsugi no Miko.

A minister SOGA no Iruka wanted Furuhito no Oe no Miko of the Soga clan blood to ascend to the throne after Empress Kogyoku. Since Iruka considered Prince Yamashiro no oe (it is said that he was a son of Prince Shotoku) a powerful candidate for succession to the Imperial Throne, as an obstacle, he launched an attack on Ikaruganomiya Palace and dethroned Prince Yamashiro no oe and his family in November, 643.

In June 645, envoys from three countries in old Korea came Japan to pay tribute and a ceremony took place in the Imperial court. Furuhito no Oe no Miko was next to Empress Kogyoku during that ceremony, during which time younger paternal brother, Naka no Oe no Oji (later Emperor Tenchi) and FUJIWARA no Kamatari killed SOGA no Iruka. Furuhito no Oe no Miko ran back to own palace (Omiya city) and said, '韓人殺鞍作臣 吾心痛矣' (a Korean person killed Iruka. I feel grief). Since Iruka's father, SOGA no Emishi set fire to his own house and committed suicide, the soga clan ended and Furuhito no Oe no Miko lost his backer.
Isshi no hen (the Murder in the Year of Isshi)

After the incident, despite Furuhito no Oe no Miko was strongly recommended to ascend to the throne, he refused and entered into the priesthood to retire. However, KIBI no Kasa no Shidaru reported 'Furuhito no Oe no Miko is planning a rebellion' and Naka no Oe no Oji attacked and killed him on September 12 (it is said it was November 30). It is unknown whether he was actually planning a rebellion or not.

One theory is that he was also the target of coups together with Iruka at Isshi no hen. Another theory says that the coups intended to take the will from the Soga clan to fight back by letting him become a priest.

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