Fushimi no Miya (伏見宮)

Fushimi no Miya is one of the Miyake (house of imperial prince). One of the four hereditary Imperial Prince's families.


Fushimi no Miya had a deep relationship with the Imperial family and has the crest of a family, the picture of the chrysanthemum, drawn from the wrong view of the flower.

The founder of Fushimi no Miya was the third Emperor Suko's Prince of the Northern Court, Fushimi no Miya Imperial Prince Yoshihito (Nakahito). Most of the Miyake founded after the Meiji Restoration were Fushimi no Miya's family line. The current Imperial family, as well, is from the Fushimi no Miya line, they are from the male descendant of Fushimi no Miya Imperial Prince Sadafusa. Originally, the Fushimi no Miya family was the direct line from the Jimyo-in Imperial line, it is considered that the Fushimi no Miya Prince Yoshihito's Imperial succession was refused by Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA.

The Miya go (the title given by the emperor to the house owner) of Fushimi no Miya came from the name of the Miyake's private land or the land belonging to the Fushimi family. Imperial Prince Yoshihito's third Prince, Fushimi no Miya Imperial Prince Sadafusa called himself Fushimi no Miya. Imperial Prince Sadafusa's fourth Prince and his son, Fushimi no Miya Imperial Prince Sadatsune had an Imperial order from Emperor Gohanazono (Imperial Prince Sadafusa's child and Imperial Prince Sadatsune's older brother) to name Fushimi dono permanently and since then the family was named Fushimi no Miya for generations. The Fushimi no Miya family might have been considered the original family line of the current Imperial family, they were treated well and protected during all periods although other Miyake were eliminated.

The nineteenth Fushimi no Miya Imperial Prince Sadayoshi and the twentieth, twenty third Fushimi no Miya Imperial Prince Kuniie had children, during the end of the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a Shogun) and Meiji Restoration, there was Nashimoto no Miya from the Imperial Prince Sadayoshi, and Yamashina no Miya, Kuni no Miya, Kacho no Miya, Komatsu no Miya, Kitashirakawa no Miya, Higashifushimi no Miya from Imperial Prince Kuniie, were established.

After the Meiji Restoration, the twenty fourth Fushimi no Miya Imperial Prince Sadanaru took over from Imperial Prince Kuniie, he became a general of the army. The family was trusted by Emperor Meiji and Emperor Taisho, they successively held the position of Dai Nihon Agricultural Association and the President of the association of reservists as the leading figure of the Imperial family.

The twenty fifth Fushimi no Miya Prince Hiroyasu took over from Imperial Prince Sadanaru. Initially Prince Hiroyasu succeeded the Kacho no Miya family, however his younger brother and successor of the Fushimi no Miya family, Prince Kunika was not well, Prince Hiroyasu returned to Fushimi no Miya to take over the family name. He was a person in power of the navy during the Showa period, acted as a military general, general of the navy and a military commander and a chancellor. Prince Hiroyasu died on August 16, 1946 and his first Prince, Prince Hiroyoshi died before his father, thus Hiroyoshi's first Prince, Fushimi no Miya Prince Hiroaki represented the twenty sixth Fushimi no Miya.

Prince Hiroaki was named as Fushimi no Miya family after Koseki Ridatsu (ceasing to be a member of the Imperial family) on October 14, 1947.

Fushimi no Miya used to be where current Hotel New Otani is, and there is a relic of the Fushimi no Miya family in the garden. Initially there used to be Kiyomasa KATO's villa and later there was the second city residence of the Ii family.

*Strictly speaking, the Imperial succession order was as follows; Imperial Prince Kuniie=>Imperial Prince Sadayoshi=>Imperial Prince Sadanaru=>Imperial Prince Kuniie (re-succession)=>Imperial Prince Sadanaru (re-succession)=>Prince Hiroyasu
Thus Imperial Prince Kuniie is considered as twentieth, twenty third, Imperial Prince Sadanaru as twenty second, twenty fourth, Prince Hiroyasu as twenty fifth of Fushimi no Miya family in some family tree.

In relation to the eleventh Imperial Prince Kuninao, since he died seven month earlier than his father, Imperial Prince Hiroyoshi, thus Kuninao is not included in the successive Fushimi no Miya family.

In the same way twenty fourth Prince Hiroaki's father, Prince Hiroyoshi died before his father, twenty third Prince Hiroyasu, Prince Hiroyoshi was not included in the successive head of the family in many written materials.

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