Fushiminomiya Imperial Prince Sadatake (伏見宮貞建親王)

Fushiminomiya Imperial Prince Sadatake (January 29, 1701 - September 7, 1754) was a member of the Imperial Family who lived during the middle of the Edo period. He was the fifteenth head of the Fushiminomiya family. He was the third son of Fushiminomiya Imperial Prince Kuninaga. His mother was Imperial Princess Yoshiko who was the fifth daughter of Emperor Reigen. His childhood name was Wakamiya.

In 1708, he became a yushi (another child considered as one's own) of Emperor Higashiyama and received the Emperor's proclamation for being an Imperial Prince in June and July 1709 and was named Sadatake. In October and November 1715, he went through genpuku (ceremony of attaining manhood) and was assigned to serve Hyobusho (the ministry in charge of military affairs). In February and March 1719, he married Imperial Princess Shushi (Akiko) who was the first daughter of Emperor Higashiyama.

In 1727, he was given the rank of nihon (the second rank for an Imperial Prince), then promoted to the rank of ippon (the first rank for an Imperial Prince) on September 7, 1754 and passed away on the same day. His age at death was 54. His homyo (posthumous Buddhist name) was Gokentokuin. His children were Fushiminomiya Imperial Prince Kunitada, Fushiminomiya Imperial Prince Kuniyori (priest-Imperial Prince Sonpo), priest-Imperial Prince Sonei and priest-Imperial Prince Sonshin.

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