Hikami no Otoji (氷上大刀自)

HIKAMI no Otoji (year of birth unknown - 682) was a daughter of FUJIWARA no Kamatari. She was an older sister of OHARA no Otoji. Her husband was the Emperor Tenmu, and her daughter was Tajima no himemiko.

She appears in Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan) as 'Hikami musume' or 'Hikami fujin.'
The waka poem No. 4479 in the volume 20 of Manyoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves) is titled 'a waka poem by Fujiwara fujin,' and accompanied with a note stating that 'she is the wife of the Kiyomihara no miya Gyou Tenno (the Emperor Tenmu), and her azana (Chinese courtesy name used in formal situations) is HIKAMI no Otoji.'

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