Hibasuhime no mikoto (日葉酢媛命)

Hibasuhime no mikoto was a member of the Imperial family, who appears in the legend ("Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters) and "Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan)). Her father was Tanbanomichinoshi no kimi. Her mother was a daughter of Tanbanokawakaminomasunoiratsume. She became the Empress of Emperor Suinin, and in addition to Emperor Keiko as his son, she had two Imperial Princes and two Imperial Princesses.

After the death of Sahohime, who was the former Empress of Emperor Suinin, in the second year of Emperor Suijin, following Sahohime's will, Hibasuhime ascended to be the Empress. According to the article of the seventh month of the 32nd year of Emperor Suinin's reign of the Nihonshoki, after Hibasuhime no mikoto's death, the Emperor inquired of maetsukimitachi (court nobles and ruling lords) about the next thing during her funeral. The Emperor posed the question as follows, 'I know that following the death of the dead is not good, but in the face of this funeral, what do you think I should do?'; Then NOMI no Sukune stepped forward to give him a wise advice. After the incident mentioned above, martyrdom was prohibited and figures of Haniwa (unglazed terra-cotta cylinders and hollow sculptures arranged on and around the mounded tombs (kofun)) were berried around the mausoleum, instead.

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