Niwata Hideko (庭田秀子)

Hideko NIWATA (year of birth unknown - May 4, 1685) was Naishi no suke (a court lady of the first rank) of Emperor Gokomyo. Mother of Imperial Princess Takako. Her father was Shigehide NIWATA, Konoe no chujo (middle captain of the palace guards), Jushiijo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade), and her mother was not known.

Hideko was first called "Katsura no kata." After being appointed to Naishi no suke later, she was called Gen no Naishinosuke, Gen no Otenji, and Koichijo no Tsubone. Onna Ichinomiya was born on November 8, 1650. She was later named Takako. Emperor Gokomyo passed away in four years. Probably because of the short reign of the emperor, few records of Hideko is left. Imperial princess Takako received a title of Princess by Imperial order in 1683, but Hideko passed away on May 4, 1685, two years after that. Her posthumous name was Eiunin (栄雲院). Her tomb is in the Chion-ji Temple (Miyazu City), Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture.

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