Hikohitooe no mikoto (彦人大兄命)

Hikohitooe no mikoto or Oeo was a member of the Imperial family who lived during the Kofun period (tumulus period). He was the Imperial prince of Emperor Keiko and his mother was Inabi no wakairatsume. He had a younger brother named Mawakao. In Kojiki (The Records of Ancient Matters), he was considered as Kagurohime, but since Kagurohime was a great-granddaughter of his real older brother, YAMATO Takeru no Mikoto, this was biologically impossible (it is actually described in Nihonshoki [the oldest chronicles of Japan] that she became the empress to Emperor Ojin, and his name is repeated in Kojiki, too). He took Shirogane no miko, his younger paternal half-sister, to his wife, and had children such as Onakatsuhime (she became a consort to his nephew, Emperor Chuai).

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