Hikosashima no Mikoto (彦狭島命)

Hikosashima no Mikoto (Hikosashima [written as Hikosamema in Kojiki (The Records of Ancient Matters)] no mikoto) was a member of the Imperial family who lived during the Kofun period (tumulus period). He was the Imperial prince of Emperor Korei, and his mother was Haeirodo. He was considered as the ancestors of Ujishika clan and Ochi clan. Since he reigned Iyo Province by the order of his father, he was known by another name, Imperial prince of Iyo. He was also a shusaijin (main enshrined deities) of Iyo-jinja Shrine in Masaki cho, Iyo Province, Ehime Prefecture (Ehime Prefecture). Furthermore, relations is unknown between Hikosashimao who, despite becoming the Totoku governor general of 15 provinces of Tosan-do Road in the year 125, and died while on the way to his post.

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