Hikoyai no Mikoto (日子八井命)

Hikoyai no mikoto (日子八井命, year of birth and death unknown) was a member of the Imperial family, who appears in the Japanese Myth. He is also referred to as 彦八井耳命 (Hikoyai mimi no mikoto), 彦八井命 (Hikoyai no mikoto), 武国竜命, 高知保神 (Takachiho no kami). According to the "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters), he was a prince of the first emperor of Japan, the Emperor Jinmu. His mother was Isukeyorihime, a daughter of Omononushi no kami. His maternal half-brothers were Kamuyaimimi no mikoto and the Emperor Suizei. However, Hikoyai no mikoto is not described in the "Nihon Shoki" (Chronicles of Japan); and according to the "Shinsen Shojiroku" (Newly Compiled Register of Clan Names and Titles of Nobility) and the "Aso-shi Keizu" (The Family Tree of Aso clan), Hikoyai no mikoto is referred to as a son of Kamuyaimimi no mikoto.

He is enshrined as a deity in Tsutsumine-jinja Shrine (Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture) together with SUGAWARA no Michizane. Adding to that, he is also enshrined in Noguchi-jinja Shrine (Gose City, Nara Prefecture) and Kusakabe yoshimi-jinja Shrine (Takamori-machi, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture) and is also called Kunitatsu no kami or Kusakabe yoshimi no kami. According to the "Kojiki," he is considered as an ancestor of the Mamuta no muraji and Teshima no muraji (手島連) clans. According to the "Shinsen Shojiroku," he is considered as an ancestor of the Mamuta no sukune, Mamuta no muraji, Shimoyake no muraji, Eno obito, Owaribe, Teshima no muraji (豊島連) clans.

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