Ise no Tsugiko (伊勢継子)

ISE no Tsugiko (born 772, died July 6, 812 (old lunar calendar) (August 16, 812)) was the wife of Emperor Heizei. She was a daughter of Mokuryo ISE no Okina. She was the mother of Imperial Prince Takaoka (Crown Prince of Emperor Saga), Imperial Prince Kose, Imperial Princess Kamitsukeno, Imperial Princess Isonokami and the highest priestess Princess Ohara.

She entered the court when Imperial Prince Ate (who later became Emperor Heizei) was only age 2 and was still the Crown Prince. She gave birth to 2 sons and 3 daughters with him. After the enthronement of Emperor Heizei, she was promoted from the mui (no Court rank) to the Shogoi (Senior Fifth Rank) in November 808. In May of the following year, she was given an 11-cho (109,087 square meters) rice field in Kawachi Province which was originally owned by the Kuraryo (the Bureau of Palace Storehouses), on condition that the land would be returned to the Kuraryo after her death. Imperial Prince Takaoka was deposed from the Crown Prince due to the Kusuko Incident in 810. In April 811, she was given a 2-cho (19,834 square meters) rice field in Kii County, Yamashiro Province (that covered part of present-day Fushimi Ward, Minami Ward, and Higashiyama Ward in Kyoto City) as the Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade). She died at age 41 on July 6, 812. She was raised to Junior Third Court Rank after her death.

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