Imperial Prince Abo (阿保親王)

Imperial Prince Abo (792 - December 1, 842) was a member of the Imperial Family during the Heian period. He was the first Prince of Emperor Heizei and his mother was FUJII no Michiyori's daughter, FUJII no Fujiko. He was Emperor Kanmu's grandchild. His Empress was his aunt and Emperor Kanmu's Princess, Imperial Princess Ito. His children were ARIWARA no Yukihira and ARIWARA no Narihira.

In 810 he was involved in the Kusuko Incident and was relegated to Dazai no go no sochi (an official position of Dazaifu). After the Retired Emperor Heizei died in 824, he was allowed to enter the city by Emperor Saga. After that he successively held half positions of governor of Kozuke Province and Kazusa Province, Jibu kyo (the minister of an official position in charge of surnames, succession, marriage and funerals of officials who were higher than the fifth rank), Hyobu kyo (the Minister of weapons) and Danjo no kami (the Minister of justice). In 826 he gave his children, Yukihira and Narihira and the others the surname of Ariwara and allowed them to be demoted from nobility to subject.

Despite such a consideration, or because of Imperial Prince Abo's talent who was Emperor Kanmu's grandchild, he was the center of attention from others although he was not in the direct line of descendants, while Emperor Saga gradually establish his political base inside the Imperial Palace.
He was approached by TACHIBANA no Hayaari about the Crown Prince, Imperial Prince Tsunesada, however, Imperial Prince Abo did not take it seriously, and sent a secret document about this to Hayanari's cousin, the Empress Dowager TACHIBANA no Kachiko for her to make a decision. (the Showa Incident)

Three months after this incident, the Prince died suddenly. He was given the title of Ippon (the first of Imperial Prince's rank).


In September 809 (old calendar), he was given the Shihon (the fourth (lowest) Imperial princes' rank)

In September 810 (old calendar), he became Dazai no gon no sochi.

In June 827 (old calendar), he became Kazusa taishu (the minister of Kazusa - currently Chiba Prefecture)

In March 833 (old calendar), he was given Sanbon (the third of Imperial Princes' rank)

In February 834 (old calendar), he became Jibukyo (the minister of Jibusho).

In February 834 (old calendar), he was given land consisting of thirty three cho (about 1325 hectares) of Koarata, Fuchi Country, Totoumi Province.

In March 834 (old calendar), he became Kozuke Taishu (the minister of Kozuke - currently Ueno, Tokyo)
He also held the post of Jibukyo.

In May 836 (old calendar), he became Kunaikyo (an official position in charge of the Imperial Palace). He also held the post of Kozuke Taishu.

In June 837 (old calendar), he became Hyobukyo (the minister of an official position in charge of weapons). He also held the post of Kozuke Taishu.

In June 840 (old calendar), he became Danjoi (equivalent position to police)

In New Year of 842 (old calendar), he became Kazusa Taishu. He also held the post of Danjoi.

In October 842 (old calendar), he was given Ippon (the first of Imperial Prince's rank).

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