Imperial Prince Kagosaka (Kagosaka no Miko) (かご坂皇子)

Imperial Prince Kagosaka (Kagosaka no Miko; his date of birth is unknown; he died in February, 201) appeared in the "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters) and the "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) as an Imperial family (royal family) during Kofun period (tumulus period) of Japan. Imperial Prince Kagosaka's (麛坂皇子) name was written in different ways, such as 香坂王 and 麛坂王. Imperial Prince Kagosaka was a Prince of the Emperor Chuai, and his mother was Onakatsuhime, a daughter of Prince Hikohito no Oe (Prince Hikohito no Oe was a prince of the Emperor Keiko). Imperial Prince Kagosaka was the elder paternal half brother of the Emperor Ojin.

According to the "Kojiki" and the "Nihonshoki," the Emperor Chuai met his demise during the Shiragi seito (the Conquest of Silla [an ancient Korean Kingdom]) afterward the Empress Jingu gave birth to the Emperor Ojin (he would become the Emperor Ojin). Imperial Prince Kagosaka was afraid the child prince would ascend to the throne as the next Emperor when he knew the death of the Emperor Chuai and the birth of his baby prince (the Emperor Ojin). Thus, Imperial Prince Kagosaka conspired with Imperial Prince Oshikuma, a younger maternal half-brother, to attack the Empress Jingu and her baby, during their retuning trip from Tsukushi Province. On the pretext of building the Emperor's (Chuai) tomb, Imperial Prince Kagosaka created positions in Akashi (County), Harima Province and ordered Kuramiwake (ancestor of Inukami no kimi) and Isachi no Sukune (ancestor of Kishi) to raise their armies. However, Imperial Prince Kagosaka was bitten to death by a wild boar during hunting in Togano (this location is possibly the present Togano-Cho, Kita Ward, Osaka City [Osaka City]) for Ukiegari (to predict one's fortune by the game of hunting).

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