Imperial Prince Kanin-no-miya Haruhito (閑院宮美仁親王)

Imperial Prince Kanin-no-miya Haruhito (January 4, 1758 – November 4, 1818) was a member of the Imperial family who lived in the Edo period. He was a danjoin (President of the Board of Censors). He was a Keko Goin. He was the third family head of the Kanin-no-miya family, the hereditary house of prince.

He was given the title of Imperial Prince in 1763 and celebrated his coming of age in 1768. He became Ippon (First Order of an Imperial Prince) in 1815.

He had deep knowledge on poems, and had cultural exchange with poets such as Suketsune HINO.

His father was Imperial Prince Kanin-no-miya Sukehito. His real mother was a daughter of Suketomo from the Onakatomi clan.

His Miyasundokoro (Lady of the Bedchamber) was FUJIWARA no Inshi, a daughter of Uchisaki KONOE, a chief advisor to the Emperor. His son was Imperial Prince Kanin-no-miya Tatsuhito. The Emperor Kokaku was his younger brother.

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