Imperial Prince Kaninnomiya Naohito (閑院宮直仁親王)

Imperial Prince Kaninnomiya Naohito (October 7, 1704 - July 3, 1753) was a member of the Imperial Family in the Edo period.
Jusangu status (honorary rank next to the three Empresses: Great Empress Dowager, Empress Dowager, and Empress). His childhood name was Hide no miya. He founded the Kaninnomiya family, one of the hereditary houses of prince, in 1710.

He was the sixth prince of Emperor Higashiyama. His mother was FUJIWARA no Yoshiko (Shin Sukenmon in), a daughter of Naidaijin Juichii (Minister of the Palace, Junior First Rank) Takayoshi KUSHIGE, and his brother was Emperor Nakamikado.

His Miyasudokoro (Lady of the Bedchamber) was FUJIWARA no Shushi (Yaokimi), a daughter of Chancellor Motohiro KONOE.

Brief Personal History
On September 3, 1710, the Kaninnomiya family was founded by the proposal of Hakuseki ARAI insisting that close blood relatives of Emperor should ascend to the throne, but there was an anxiety at that time that imperial line might become extinct since Miyake (house of an imperial prince) such as the Fushiminomiya, Arisugawanomiya and Katsuranomiya families had not close blood relations with Emperor. In 1718, Emperor Reigen granted Imperial Prince Naohito Yago (family name) of Kanin no miya and 1,000 koku (180.39 cubic meters) of territory as an Imperial gift. The Fushiminomiya, Arisugawanomiya, Katsuranomiya and Kaninnomiya families, those four are called four Miyake (four Imperial Prince's families).

The residence of Kaninnomiya was located at southwestern Kugemachi in Kyoto, but after the family moved to Tokyo in the Meiji Period, it was used as the Kyoto Branch Agency of Imperial Household Ministry, then Administration office of Ministry of Health and Welfare, and recently it was used as Kyoto Gyoen National Garden Office, the Environment Agency.

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