Imperial Prince Kaninnomiya Tatsuhito (閑院宮孝仁親王)

Imperial Prince Kaninnomiya Tatsuhito (June 17, 1792 - March 9, 1824) was a member of the Imperial family during the Edo Period. The fourth head of the hereditary house of prince, Kaninnomiya family. His childhood name was Hisanomiya.

Given the title of Imperial Prince, he celebrated his coming of age, and was appointed to the governor of Hitachi Province in 1808. Appointed to Shikibukyo (Minister of the Ministry of Ceremonial) in 1820. Appointed to Ippon (First Order of an Imperial Prince) in 1824.

Pedigree record
His father was Imperial Prince Kaninnomiya Haruhito. His wife was FUJIWARA no Yoshiko, the daughter of Kanpaku (chief adviser to the Emperor), Masahiro TAKATSUKASA.

Empress: Yoshiko TAKATSUKASA (Matsugimi)
The first princess: Isonomiya
The first prince: Okinomiya
The second princess: Nobunomiya
The second prince: Kaninnomiya Imperial Prince Naruhito (The 5th head of the Kaninnomiya family)
The third prince: Monk-Imperial Prince Norihito (教仁) (Myohoinnomiya)
The third princess: Princess Morinomiya Akiko (Wife of Yoshiyori TOKUGAWA in the Tayasu family)

After the death of her son, Imperial Prince Naruhito, the Empress Yoshiko TAKATSUKASA was received at a position equivalent to the head.

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