Imperial Prince Katsura-no-miya Misahito (桂宮節仁親王)

Imperial Prince Katsura-no-miya Misahito (December 11, 1833 – April 20, 1836) was a member of the Japanese Imperial family who lived in the late Edo period. He was the 11th family head of the Katsura-no-miya family. He was the 6th son of the Emperor Ninko. His mother was Shintaikenmonin Naoko OGIMACHI. His childhood name was Motonomiya.

In 1835, the prince became the head of the Katsura-no-miya family under the order of his father, the Emperor Ninko. On April 19, 1836, he was given the title of Imperial Prince and renamed Misahito; however, he passed away on the following day. He was at the age of four. His posthumous Buddhist name is Nyoihouin.

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