Imperial Prince Katsura-no-miya Takehito (桂宮盛仁親王)

Imperial Prince Katsura-no-miya Takehito (July 28, 1810 – July 7, 1811) was a member of the imperial family of Japan who lived in the late Edo period. He was the 10th family head of the Katsura-no-miya family. He was the forth son of the Emperor Kokaku. His mother was SUGAWARA no Kazuko, a daughter of Matsuyoshi HIGASHIBOJO. His childhood name was Iwanomiya.

In September 1810, the prince became the head of the Kyogoku-no-miya famly under the order of his father, the Emperor Kokaku, and was granted Miyago (reigning name) of Katsura-no-miya. On July 6, 1811, he was given the title of Imperial Prince and renamed Takehito; however, he passed away on the following day. He was one year old. His posthumous Buddhist name was Shogaku-in.

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