Imperial Prince Kawashima (川島皇子)

Imperial Prince Kawashima (657 - October 6, 691) was a member of Imperial family in the latter half of the seventh century. He was also called Prince Kawashima in different Chinese characters. He was the second son of Emperor Tenchi, and his mother is Oshinumi Miyatsuko Shikobukono Iratsume. Based on the daishi (foreword written in Chinese characters) of the "Manyoshu" (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves), his wife was thought to have been the Princess of Emperor Tenmu, Princess Hatsusebe. His sisters from the same mother included Oe no himemiko (Princess Oe) and Izumi no himemiko (Princess Izumi). He was the ancestor of Haruhara no Ason.

On May 6, 679, when Emperor Tenmu visited Yoshino, he participated in the Yoshino Pact to swear the unity of Prince Kusakabe, Prince Otsu, Prince Takechi, Prince Osakabe, and Prince Shiki in the face of Empress Uno no Sarara (later Emperor Jito).

In March 681, he was ordered to compile the Teiki (a genealogy of the imperial family) and the Joko shoji (matters of high antiquity) with Prince Osakabe. In the New Year of 685, he was conferred jodai samu no kurai (the third rank of joi yoshina, four grades of joi, which corresponds to Shogoinojo, Senior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade in ranks for Shoo and shoshin, vassal of Taiho Ritsuryo, Taiho Code).

In the "Kaifuso" (Fond Recollections of Poetry), it was said that he informed the rebellion plan of Prince Otsu who was a close friend of his to the Imperial court. Nevertheless, since his name could not be found in the article about this affair in the "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), and since there was no evidence that an award was granted to him, some say this is not a historical fact.

Died in September 691. He was buried in Ochino.

According to the "Kaifuso," he had a gentle personality.

A song about Imperial Prince Kawashima
In the "Manyoshu," there is a Banka (Elegy) by KAKINOMOTO no Hitomaro.

A song and a tanka (thirty-one syllables' poem) presented to Princess Hatsusebe from KAKINOMOTO no Ason Hitomaro at the time of funeral parlor of Imperial Prince Kawashima
Alga, which grows in the upper reaches of the Asuka River, flows and touches the lower reaches of the river to make alga. It gathers and bends with the river.
Life of wife, soft skin
If I go to bed with a sword, it will become rough.
Therefore I cannot endure and wish to see you surely
On the morning dews of the vast field of Ochi grows alga
My clothes get wet with the evening fog
I travel because I cannot see you
Hanka (tanka appendage to a Choka long poem)
My dear whom I touched the sleeves, I pass to Ochino, I missed to see you

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