Imperial Prince Kideranomiya Kuniyasu (木寺宮邦康親王)

Imperial Prince Kideranomiya Kuniyasu (1416 - date of death unknown) was a member of the Imperial family during the Muromachi period. It is said that he was the 4th head of the Kideranomiya family, which was the main branch of Daikakuji-to (imperial lineage starting with Emperor Kameyama). His official court rank was Sanbon (third-rank for an Imperial Prince), and his title was Nakatsukasa-kyo (Minister of the Ministry of Central Affairs). Cloistered Imperial Prince Shodo, who entered Ninna-ji Temple as an adopted child of Emperor Gokomatsu, and Cloistered Imperial Prince Myojin, who entered Myoho-in Temple, were his elder brothers, and Cloistered Imperial Prince Hoshin who entered Ninna-ji Temple was his son.

He was born as the last son of Prince Yohira (世平王), the former family head, and in February 1455, when he was forty years old, he was given the title of Imperial Prince as an adopted child of Imperial Prince Fushiminomiya Sadafusa. Six months later, he was given the rank of Sanbon, and appointed as Nakatsukasa-kyo. However, it was most unusual even in those days that he did not experience genpuku (celebration of one's coming of age) nor did he become a priest, and was just ignored until he became forty years old. Compared with the Tokiwainomiya family, it seems that the Kideranomiya family was valued less.

His subsequent achievements and the year of his death are unknown. The specific information on the Kideranoiya family in Kyoto became scarce, and it is believed that the Kideranomiya family line as Miyake (house of an imperial prince) ended.

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