Imperial Prince Kose (巨勢親王)

Imperial Prince Kose (c. 799 - September 24, 882) was a member of the Imperial Family during the early Heian period. He was the fourth Prince of Emperor Heizei. His mother was ISE no Tsugiko, who was the daughter of ISE no Okina who was awarded the rank of Shoshiinoge (Senior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) and held the office of moku no kami (chief of Bureau of Carpentry). Imperial Prince Takaoka was his older maternal half-brother.

When Imperial Prince Kose's father entered into the priesthood and elder brother Imperial Prince Takaoka disinherited the imperial prince after the Kusuko Incident, he was so young that he was not brought to justice. In the following year, the Imperial Prince was given 4,000 bunches of rice from both Omi and Iga Provinces, from his uncle Emperor Saga.

However, he remained in adverse circumstances after his father and uncle died; it is said that he died as the Imperial Prince without court rank in the era of Emperor Yozei, the great-great-grandson of Emperor Saga.

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