Imperial Prince Kuniyoshi (邦良親王)

Imperial Prince Kuniyoshi, also pronounced Kuninaga (1300 - April 23, 1326) was the first Prince of Emperor Gonijo of the Daikakuji Imperial line. He became Crown Prince of his uncle, Emperor Godaigo, however, he did not have an opportunity to become emperor. He became an originator of Kideranomiya. Please refer to the chapter on the pronunciation of Emperor Godaigo's Prince's name, in terms of having two different ways to pronounce it.

When the Prince was nine years old, his father, Emperor Nijo died. Originally the next successor to the throne, Emperor Hanazono (the Jimyoin Imperial line) was to become Crown Prince, but there was concern to let young Imperial Prince become Crown Prince. Thus after the Prince's grandfather, Emperor Gouda asked the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) to organize a temporary Emperor from the Daikakuji Imperial line after Emperor Hanazono, considering the situation that Emperor Gonijo's era was shorter than ten years, which was the agreement for sharing Imperial succession between the Daikakuji Imperial line and the Jimyoin Imperial line, the bakufu approved it and decided to let Emperor Nijo's younger brother, Imperial Prince Takaharu (later called Emperor Godaigo) Crown Prince. After ten years, the Imperial throne was passed from Emperor Hanazono to Emperor Godaigo, as it was agreed beforehand, Imperial Prince Kuniyoshi was appointed as Crown Prince.
However Emperor Godaigo opposed his father, the Retired Emperor Gouda's policy, 'Imperial succession would be succeeded by the descendants of Emperor Gonijo and the descendants of Emperor Godaigo were not allowed to succeed to the throne.'
The Emperor intended to stop the Retired Emperor's cloistered government and tried to escape only to be forced to abdicate from the throne by the retired Emperor, thus he planned to overthrow the Kamakura bakufu who interfered with the Imperial succession.
In 1324, just after the Cloistered Emperor Gouda died, Emperor Godaigo's plan to overthrow the bakufu became apparent. (The Shochu Disturbance)
The Cloistered Emperor who passed away, and other close aides of the Imperial Prince were shocked to know of the incident, and asked the bakufu to work on something for Emperor Godaigo to abdicate from the throne, on the other hand, they asked the Jimyoin Imperial line to support this move by promising their next position for Crown Prince. However, while the Emperor refused to abdicate the throne and there was no progress in the situation, Imperial Prince Kuniyoshi suddenly died when he was just twenty seven years old.

The eldest son of the Prince, Imperial Prince Yasuhito (1320 - 1355) was banished after he failed to overthrow the bakufu again (The Genko Disturbance), once he was appointed as Crown Prince as the successor from the Daikakuji Imperial line after Emperor Kogon of Jimyoin Imperial line succeeded to the throne, but he lost his position the following year, together with Emperor Kogon, when the bakufu went to ruin and Emperor Godaigo came back to his position as Emperor.

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