Imperial Prince Kyogokunomiya Yakahito (京極宮家仁親王)

Imperial Prince Kyogokunomiya Yakahito (May 4, 1704 - January 25, 1768) was a Japanese Imperial family member in the middle of the Edo period. He was the eighth Kyogokunomiya (Katsuranomiya). He was the first Prince of Imperial Prince Kyogokunomiya Ayahito. His mother was Kinzumi SHIGENOI's daughter, FUJIWARA no Naoko. His childhood name was Wakamiya.

He became Emperor Higashiyama's adopted child in December 1708 and was given the name of Chachamaru. He received title to become Imperial Prince in April 1709 and was named Yakahito. He had a coming-of-age ceremony in December 1713 and was appointed as Shikibusho (the Minister in charge of ceremonies).

He married Motoko (尚君), who was the Chancellor, Kanehiro TAKATSUKASA's daughter in 1720. He received Nihon (the second rank for an Imperial Prince) in 1724. He received Ippon (the first rank for an Imperial Prince) on January 22, 1768, however he died on 25 of the same month. He was sixty five years old. His posthumous Buddhist name was Gokeikoin.

His Princes and Proncesses are Imperial Prince Kyogokunomiya Kinhito, priestly Imperial Prince Chioninnomiya Sonpo, priestly Imperial Prince Ichijoinnomiya Sonei, Princess Toyoko (Yoriyuki ARIMA's Empress).

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