Imperial Prince Morisada (守貞親王)

Imperial Prince Morisada (April 6, 1179 - June 14, 1223) was the second Prince of Emperor Takakura, and his mother was Nobutaka BOMON's daughter, Shokushi BOMON. (Shichijoin)
Emperor Antoku was his half older brother, Emperor Gotoba was his real younger brother. He entered into priesthood and was named Monk-Imperial Prince Gyojo, however after his son, Emperor Gohorikawa succeeded to the throne, he was exceptionally given the title of dajo tenno (a retired emperor) and started the cloistered government. This is called Gotakakurain.


Since he was brought up by TAIRA no Tomomori when he was small, he was an imitation Crown Prince and was taken to the western part of Japan (Chugoku, Shikoku, Kinki area) after the Taira clan escaped from the city.
He was saved and went back to Kyoto when the Taira clan died out, however Emperor Gotoba had already succeeded to the throne in Kyoto. (in "Masukagami" (The Clear Mirror) it is said Imperial Prince Morisada and Imperial Prince Takahira (Emperor Gotoba) were called in by the Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa, and Takahira, who took to the Emperor before Morisada, was appointed to succeed to the throne, however there was another theory that it was Morisada's half younger brother, Imperial Prince Koreaki (Emperor Takakura's third Prince) who was called with Takahira, but there were two different theories of the author of 'Masukagami,' one was 'the direction theory' and another one was 'the misunderstanding theory.'

Later on, Prince Morisada had Motoie JIMYOIN's daughter, Chinshi (also pronounced Nobuko) JIMYOIN (later called Kitashirakawain) as his Empress and he lived in the Jimyoin Imperial Palace which was related to the Jimyoin family, however he deplored his misfortune and entered into the priesthood in April and May 1213.
After that he was named '行助.'

However eight years later, in 1221, there was no one to rule the government as Chiten no kimi after the Retired Emperor Gotoba lost the battle of the Jokyu Disturbance and he was banished. The Kamakura bakufu let Emperor Chukyo abdicate the throne and decided to institute a new policy 'Not to allow Retired Emperor Gotoba's descendants succeed to the throne,' and they tried to set up an Imperial Family member to succeed, who was not a member of Emperor Gotoba's Imperial Family. At that time, it was found out that there was only Imperial Prince Morisada's third son, Imperial Prince Yutahito available who did not enter into the priesthood, so, it was decided to let Imperial Prince Yutahito succeed to the throne (Emperor Gohorikawa) and especially appointed monk-Imperial Prince Gyojo as Chiten no kimi to rule the cloistered government.

The Imperial Prince who became Chiten, worked on calming the confusion inside the Imperial Palace after the Jokyu Disturbance, and to restore the relationship with the bakufu, but he died two years later, and was given the ingo (a posthumous title given to an emperor) (Gotakakurain).

The abridged chronological table

Born on April 13, 1179
He was titled to be Imperial Prince without a court rank on January 4, 1190. He had a coming-of-age ceremony and a first coronation ceremony, and was given the title Imperial Prince with the third court rank on January 19, 1192. He entered into the priesthood and became monk-Imperial Prince Gyojo on May 6, 1212. He became a retired Emperor in August and September 1221. He died on June 21, 1223.
Empress, Princes and Princesses

Jimyoin Imperial line (FUJIWARA no) Chinshi, also pronounced Nobuko (Kitashirakawain) (1173 - 1238) - Chunagon (equivalent rank to Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank)), Motoie JIMYOIN's daughter

The first Prince: Cloistered Imperial Prince Sonsho (the second court rank for Imperial Princes of the head priest of Tendai sect of Buddhism) (1194 - 1239)

The first Princess: Imperial Princess Rishi (Shikikenmonin) (1197 - 1251) - Saigu (an unmarried princess who, in former times, was sent by the emperor to serve at Ise Shrine), Emperor Shijo's Junbo (equivalent rank to Emperor's birth mother)

The second Princess: Imperial Princess Yoshiko (Oshikojinomiya) (1200 - 1245)

The third Princess: Imperial Princess Motoko (? - 1229)

The second Prince: Cloistered Imperial Prince Doshin (The Second court rank for Imperial Princes of Gon no Daisozu (the highest official rank given to the person in charge of managing monks)) (1206 - 1249)

The fourth Princess: Imperial Princess Hoshi, also pronounced Kuniko (Ankamonin) (1209 - 1283) - Emperor Gohorikawa's Junbo

The third Prince: Imperial Prince Yutahito (Emperor Gohorikawa) (1212 - 1234)


The fifth Princess: Imperial Princess Ariko

Different name

Jimyoin no miya, the Cloistered Emperor Jimyoin, Hirosein

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