Imperial Prince Nashimotonomiya Moriosa (梨本宮守脩親王)

Imperial Prince Nashimotonomiya Moriosa (December 16, 1819 - September 1, 1881) was a member of the Imperial family of Japan during the late Edo and Meiji Periods. The first generation of the Nashimotonomiya family. The 9th prince of Imperial Prince Fushiminomiya Sadayoshi. A younger brother of Imperial Prince Fushiminomiya Kuniie. He is also an uncle of an unconfirmed number of princes and princesses of Prince Kuniie. His childhood name was Yorozuyonomiya.

The title of Imperial Prince was given in April 1833. He was named Moriosa. He entered Enman-in Temple in September of the same year, and became a priest and was called Imperial Prince and Monk Kakujun. He was ordained to nihon (the second court rank for an Imperial Prince) in 1856. He entered Enyu-in in June 1859 to become Kajii monseki priest, and changed his name to Imperial Prince and Monk Shojin. Although the Imperial Prince also served as the Tendai-zasu (head priest of the Tendai sect), he returned to secular life after the Meiji Restoration like other members of the Imperial family to be called Kajiinomiya Imperial Prince Moriosa. He was appointed to the governor of Kozuke Province in 1869. He changed his reigning name to Nashimotonomiya in 1870. He passed away in September 1881. He was 63 years old.

Because the Imperial Prince did not have a prince to succeed him, he adopted Prince Yamashinanomiya Kikumaro, a prince of Imperial Prince Yamashinanomiya Akira.

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