Imperial Prince Sanehito (誠仁親王)

Imperial Prince Sanehito (May 16, 1552 - September 7, 1586) was a member of the Imperial family in the Azuchimomoyama period. His in go title (posthumous title given to an emperor) was Yokoin. The posthumous honorific title was given to him from the Retired Emperor Yoko.

He was the fifth Prince of Emperor Ogimachi. His mother was Naidaijin (a minister for an Imperial Japanese Council of State), Hidefusa MADENOKOJI's daughter, Jusangu (one of the titles for Imperial family and court nobles after the Heian period) FUJIWARA no (MADENOKOJI) Fusako. His Empress was Haresuke KAJUJI's daughter, Haruko KAJUJI.

Brief Personal History
In December 1568 (old calendar), he received the title of Imperial Prince by Imperial Order and had a coming of age ceremony; in January 1584 (old calendar), he received the rank of Sanbon (the third rank of the Imperial Prince's ranks). He had a close relationship with Nobunaga ODA and actually received a residence from him; on the other hand, Nobunaga tried to better his own position in the Imperial Palace by using his relationship with Imperial Prince Sanehito.

He was staying at the Nijo Palace (the former Nijo-jo Castle) where Nobunaga's eldest son, Nobutada was protected, when the Honnoji Incident happened. Nobutada made a harrowing escape to arrange a cease-fire agreement just before the Nijo Palace was surrounded by Mitsuhide AKECHI, and then let Prince Sanehito escaped from the Palace.

He died of illness while he was the official investiture of the Crown Prince and was waiting to succeed to the throne, his son, Imperial Prince Kazuhito (Emperor Goyozei) was adopted by Emperor Ogimachi and succeeded to the throne. Emperor Goyozei gave the respective title of Retired Emperor Yoko to his father (Imperial Prince Sanehito) who had already passed away.
His son, Imperial Prince Kuniyoshi became an adopted child of Nobunaga ODA, and Imperial Prince Toshihito became the adopted child of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI.. (There is a theory that Imperial Prince Sanehito became an adopted child of Nobunaga, however this was inaccurate information caused by the fact both Imperial Prince Sanehito and Imperial Prince Kuniyoshi were called '五宮'.)

Imperial mausoleum
The Imperial Prince's cemetery is called a 'mausoleum' since he was given the posthumous honorific title of retired Emperor. His mausoleum is called Tsukinowa no Misasagi (the Tsukinowa Mausoleum) and is located in Yamanouchi, Sennyu-ji, Higashiyama, Kyoto.

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