Imperial Prince Sukehito (輔仁親王)

Imperial Prince Sukehito (February 28, 1073 - December 31, 1119) was a member of the Imperial Family during the Heian period. He was the 3rd prince of the Emperor Gosanjo. His mother was the daughter of MINAMOTO no Motohira, MINAMOTO no Kishi (Motoko). He had an elder half brother Emperor Shirakawa, and elder brother-uterine Imperial Prince Sanehito. He was the father of MINAMOTO no Arihito.

He was appointed as Imperial Prince in 1075 and celebrated his genpuku (coming of age) ceremony in 1087. It was said that both brothers were clever.

His father Emperor Gosanjo expected a son with MINAMOTO no Motoko who had no maternal relation with the Fujiwara family as the successor of the throne rather than his elder other Imperial Prince Sadahito (later became Emperor Shirakawa) who had a collateral line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan. Then when Emperor Shirakawa acceded the throne in 1072, Gosanjo made the younger brother Imperial Prince Sanehito the Crown Prince, and Gosanjo, who retired as Emperor the next year soon after Sukehito was born, became very ill in bed and repeatedly left his will that Sukehito, the next younger brother (who has the right to succeed the position) be the Crown Prince after Imperial Prince Sanehito acceded the throne.

However, Emperor Shirakawa ignored his father's will when Sanehito died in 1085, he formally installed his biological son Imperial Prince Taruhito as the Crown Prince in the next year, and within the day, Shirakawa declared to give the throne to Emperor Horikawa.

While the Imperial Prince Sukehito was forced to become a hermit around Ninna-ji Temple, in 1113, he became involved in the plan by gojiso (a priest who prays to guard the emperor) and a monk of Daigo-ji Temple, Ninkan and fellows to have Sukehito accede the throne and Sukehito was confined. He was good at poetry and also known as a man of refined taste.

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