Imperial Prince Tokiwainomiya Tsunenao (常盤井宮恒直親王)

Imperial Prince Tokiwainomiya Tsunenao (date of birth unknown - August, 1552) was a member of the Imperial family during the late Muromachi period, and was the last head of the Tokiwainomiya family.

He was born as the son of Imperial Prince Tokiwainomiya Mataakira, who was the 5th head, and in December 1512, he was given the title of Imperial Prince ("Sanetaka ko ki" - the journal of Sanetaka SANJONISHI). Afterwards, he was appointed Dazai no sochi (Governor-General of the Dazai-fu offices), and adopted by Emperor Gokashiwabara.

He died In 1552. Descendants who came after him were unknown. The family line of Daikakuji-to (imperial lineage starting with Emperor Kameyama), which started from Emperor Kameyama, ended with Imperial Prince Tsunenao.

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