Imperial Princess Baishi (Daughter of Emperor Gosuzaku) (ばい子内親王 (後朱雀天皇皇女))

Imperial Princess Baishi (Miwako), September 16, 1039 - October 7, 1096, was the forth daughter of Emperor Gosuzaku. Her mother was the Chugu (imperial consort) FUJIWARA no Genshi and Imperial Princess Yushi (Sukeko) was her uterine elder sister. She was Saiin (Imperial Princess appointed to serve the deities of the Kamo-jinja Shrines), also known as the Rokujo Saiin.

Brief Personal History

Her mother Genshi died when Imperial Princess Baishi was only ten days old. She and her elder sister, Imperial Princess Yushi were brought up by her grandfather FUJIWARA no Yorimichi. In 1046, with the accession of Emperor Goreizei who was her elder brother, she become the Consecrated Princess of Kamo at the age of eight. In 1058 she retired from her office due to her poor health. While she suffered from ailments long afterwards, she displayed a talent for poetry from an early age. She held twenty-five at least so far known poetic contests, including the "contest of romantic poetry on June 6, 1055." After her retirement she lived in the residence of Imperial Prince Tomohira, her maternal great grandfather. In her later years she became a priestess and died in 1096 at the age of 58.

A poetess Rokujo Saiin no Senji who served Imperial Princess Baishi was presumably the author of 'the Tale of Sagoromo.'

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