Imperial Princess Gishi (Noriko) (儀子内親王)

Imperial Princess Gishi (Noriko) (date of birth unknown - November 26, 879) was a member of the Imperial family during the early Heian period. She was Kamo Saiin (Imperial Princess appointed to serve the deities of the Kamo-jinja Shrines). She was the 3rd Princess of Emperor Montoku, and her mother was Somedono-no-Kisaki FUJIWARA no Akirakeiko (Meishi) (FUJIWARA no Yoshifusa's daughter). She was a younger maternal sister of Emperor Seiwa.

In November 859, she was appointed as Saiin of her brother, Emperor Seiwa, by bokujo. In January 860, she entered into Shosaiin (Hall of Initial Abstinence). In March 869, she was promoted to Sanbon (Third Order) from Muhon (no court rank). In 876, she left Murasakino Saiin due to her illness, and moved to Some-dono where her mother lived. In January 877, she became Nihon (Second Order), and in December in the same year, she became Ippon (First Order), but she died in 879.

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